Most Popular Easter Candies

Celebrating a Sweet Easter with the Most Popular Candies of the Season

Though a recent addition to the Easter tradition, candies are a hit to the children who take part during the holiday activities. So if you have kids or are expecting some kids to come over your house during Easter, you better have generous portions of the most popular candy available. There are lots of different candies associated with Easter but there are those that are more popular. Here are some of them:

Chocolate Eggs

Chocolates are always popular with children. Egg-shaped chocolates are better suited to the Easter occasion. Eggs are very important symbols of fertility and rebirth, which are relevant themes during springtime. Springtime used to be celebrated by pagans and offered to the goddess, Eastre. When Christians managed to convert them, the springtime rituals were replaced by Christian ones, including the celebration of the Easter season. You could also argue that the eggs’ rebirth theme is also relevant to the resurrection of Christ. So, chocolate eggs are not only very delicious but also very symbolic.

Jelly Beans

Jelly beans may not be that symbolic but they are colorful and a packet can contain more than a handful. They are more of an American tradition that started in the 1930s. Imagine having to put a bunch of colorful jelly beans in a basket surrounding your Easter eggs. The basket will be a hit to both adults and children.

Marshmallow Peeps

Marshmallow peeps are considered the second most popular candy during the Easter season. They used to be sold in only one flavor and color but are now sold in bunches that are almost as colorful as jelly beans. Yellow peeps are the most popular, however.

Chocolate Bunnies

Chocolate bunnies are the most popular candy with children during Easter. Chocolate, as always, pleases. Then bunny shape is significant to adults and fun to look at for kids. Like eggs, bunnies are symbols of fertility. Wouldn’t you want your Easter bunny to come in chocolate? Both hollow and filled chocolate bunnies are pretty popular.


Though not strictly candy, pretzels still belong to the sweet Easter offerings. These goodies are also pretty significant to the season because of its shape. The pretzel is considered to be the first ever food item to take on the shape of someone in prayer.

There are a lot of types of candies being offered during Easter. The ones that come in separate little packets are very popular. You can buy one whole bag with several separately wrapped candies inside that you can give away to your own children or to some visiting kids. You can also bring along candy when you are visiting relatives and friends during Easter. Of course, you do have to warn your kids not to eat a lot of candy at a time or they could get a stomachache. There are also lots of Easter goodies during the proper meal that they should still have appetite for. However, do not forget to bring along or offer sweets if you want to make your Easter a lively one for your kids.