Most Popular Foods Eaten On Easter

A Look at Scrumptious but Meaningful Easter Meals

Do you know that there are certain foods that are strongly associated to Easter? These foods are traditionally the ones you will get served with or that you are expected to serve during the particular holiday. Being a spring holiday, Easter emphasizes abundance and fertility. The traditional foods served also make the holiday a lot more special.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are traditionally served on Good Friday. These are spiced buns with icing cross on top to remind people about the Crucifixion. The cross, however, used to mean the moon and the four seasons. This practice, after all, was derived from the ancient Anglo-Saxons’ preparations of small wheat cakes for the goddess Eastre.


Pretzels have made it to the list of traditional Easter foods because of the fact that it is the first ever food item that has been shaped into something like a person in prayer. They are served salty in Italy.

Roast Lamb Dinner

The roast lamb dinner goes back to the Jewish Passover tradition of serving the sacrificial lamb. The lamb is served with bitter herbs and unleavened bread.

Cured Pork (e.g. Ham)

You may be surprised that ham, as well as lamb, is part of Easter tradition. Cured pork, however, represents the early days when there was still no refrigeration. During that time, the animals were slaughtered for their meat during the fall. The surviving fresh meat was cured during the winter and would be ready during springtime, around Easter. So, why pig? The pig was considered lucky in some European cultures during those early days.

Honey Pastry

Syrian and Jordanian Christians serve honey pastry during Easter.

Simnel Cake (served with tea)

Simnel cakes, which are usually served with tea, also part of the Easter tradition. They were recorded by historians as having first baked by maids or servant girls to take home to their mothers on what was called Mothering Sunday. Simnel cakes are rich fruit cakes that are topped with a Marzipan layer.

Dyed Easter Eggs

Of course, your Easter will not be complete without Easter eggs. Usually, Easter eggs are painted with colorful patterns and designs. They are even used for early Easter Sunday morning hunts. They typically symbolize fertility and rebirth. Because of the rebirth factor, Easter eggs also become great symbols for the resurrection of Christ.

Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate eggs are egg-shaped chocolate confections served during Easter. They are first served in Germany and France. While the first chocolate eggs were solid, today’s chocolate eggs are hollowed out.

Mashed Potatoes

On their own or with a meat dish, mashed potatoes are great additions to a traditional Easter meal.

Jelly Beans and other Candies

Would you believe that even sweets, such as jelly beans are pretty popular during the Easter season? Well, it is just logical to prepare some sweets to give away to children who are part of the Easter family meal and who have just come in after a round of Easter egg hunts. Easter candies can be placed in a basket just as the eggs are.


  • Ann Onimous

    Thanks for the list of foods! Now I won’t feel completely flustered on what to make for Easter!

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    Jelly Bean Idea. Let kids put Jelly beans out in the yard. Don’t use the black ones.
    When kids are inside sneak out and replace jelly beans with suckers of the like colors. (Blooming Jelly Beans)

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